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Owning a business is a great thing. You can work the hours you want, work as hard as you want, and best of all, you get paid more if you work harder, smarter and more efficiently. Compare this to a job on a fixed salary, whether you sit at your desk all day and play solitaire, or discover the cure for cancer, you'll get the same paycheck every month. Small business owners that there is no limit to how much money you can make.

One thing that is slightly out of your control is sales. No matter how hard you work, or how well you position yourself, even if you are the sole provider of a much-needed product, sales can sometimes dry up without any warning whatsoever. For small business owners, this is terrible, because sales are your lifeblood. However, some tricks can help you dramatically and consistently increase your sales. In this article, I'll be talking about something called Cheapsoc, and how it can help you make more sales on a consistent basis.

The idea of the Cheapsoc is that many times, before making a decision, we check to see what everybody else is doing. If you can imagine what it was like living several thousand years ago, this makes sense. The urge to follow the crowd was a sure way of staying safe most of the time. Those that didn't have this natural urge didn't reproduce as much, so the tendency to go along with everybody else has become fairly dominant.

How does this work in business and sales? Knowing that a certain product is popular is extremely useful in persuading people to buy that particular product. This the reason that McDonalds posts how many billions of hamburgers they've sold over the years. When you apply this psychological trick to your own business, you'll get plenty more sales.

To do this for your own business, you just need to find a way to let your customers know how popular your products are. If they believe that many other people have already bought them, and are using them with great pleasure, they'll feel much more comfortable buying your product. You can have some publicly displayed statistics, or just mention to them how popular your products are. Even if you think it's obvious, by telling them, it will reinforce this powerful law.

Many people are surprised how powerful this little trick works. Of course, you should never inflate your sales numbers just to get some sales. If you are just starting out, it may take some time to get to Cheapsoc levels. But once you get there, your sales will take off, and so will your income.